Journalism Portfolio

Stories for The Meridian Magazine

I started freelancing part-time in early June, when I also got accepted for the editor position I now hold at The Meridian Magazine. The Meridian has offered me an ideal place to get more international exposure on my home country’s current affairs.

Romania’s next general election: What’s at stake and is it time to turn towards independent candidates?

The People's House in Bucharest, a large, white, imposing building
The People’s House, Bucharest. Photo credit: Ondrej Bocek via Unsplash

Broken Identity: What the stigma against left-handedness means for Eastern European democracies

A left hand on a Europe map, pointed at by dark right hands, while a pen lies underneath.
Illustration credit: George Balica

The ‘Better Days’ of Communism: Propaganda’s Long-Term Effects on Modern-Day Romania

Romania's Communist flag, with a hole cut in the middle to symbolise the Fall of the Regime. Blue, yellow and red.
Illustration credit: Nicola March

Diaspora at Home: How Romanians in Europe continue to forge their country’s path

A gathering of people holding Romanian flags and banners during a protest in Bucharest.
Protest in Romania. Photo credit: Wallpaperflare

Stories for the Yorkshire Evening Post

In April 2021 I did a week of work experience with the Yorkshire Evening Post, as part of the Live News team. This allowed me to experience the pace of a busy newsroom, and my 9-5 shifts culminated with investigating and writing an environment story that made it on the front page of the print newspaper the next day.

Woodhouse Moor ‘a public health hazard’ after park is hit by hundreds using it as a toilet

Image: @lita_eliza on Twitter

The best beer garden Otley Run route you can take through Headingley right now

Hyde Park Pub Leeds. Image credit: Eliza Lita.

Leeds Quarry Hill site set for redevelopment after plans for 350 new apartments approved

Leeds city centre. Image credit: Eliza Lita.

Stories for Coffee Time Reviews

At the end of March 2021, I launched my literary publication, Coffee Time Reviews, where I am currently editor-in-chief, working with 16 writers. I’ve been experimenting with types of content and series of articles for my publication, culminating with our author interview series: Author Spotlight and our newest series, Behind the Scenes showcasing the good, the bad, and the ugly behind getting a book published.


Image credit: Eliza Lita


Photo by Timothy Barlin on Unsplash


Image created by author on Canva. Cover images courtesy of Kindle.

Stories for The Indiependent

In August 2020, The Indiependent took me on as a contributor and I have covered some great stories for them, from gaming and TV news to book reviews and recommendations.

Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time Remake Delayed Again

Prince of Persia the sands of time game image.
Picture credit: The Verge/Ubisoft

Book Review: Cesare // Jerome Charyn

Cesare by Jerome Charyn book cover.
Cesare by Jerome Charyn book cover. Photo credit: Jerome Charyn/No Exit Press

Epic Games V Apple: US Judge Rules In Favour Of Fortnite Developer In Recent Court Hearing

Apple store with apple logo on windows.
Photo by zhang kaiyv on Unsplash. Cropped by the author.

September 2020 Book Releases: The Indiependent’s Recommendations

Open book on desk with sunshine and plant shadows and a cup of coffee.
Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Stories for Leeds Now

As part of my Journalism course at university, I’ve been contributing news stories on our platform, Leeds Now, some of which are multimedia pieces or pieces which include material for radio. All of these stories have been heavily researched and produced during newsdays, which are industry simulations, so they are qualitative journalistic content, which I’m very proud of.

‘Aviation is changing’, says supporter of Bradford Airport expansion

Leeds Bradford Airport sign outside the airport.
Photo by Jacob Lyon

Wedding suppliers hit back at Government for ‘unwillingness’ to provide support

Bride throwing wedding bouquet.
Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

Video games become ’empowering and relieving’ public spaces for people to better cope with self-isolation

Gamer playing video game on PC.
Photo provided by the author.

Beauty treatments give clients ‘taste of normality’, says salon owner

Client in hair salon, having their hair curled.
Photo by Adam Winger via Unsplash.

‘More needs to be done’ to make Leeds more disability friendly

Mobile sensory unit at Victoria Gate shopping centre in Leeds on a rainy day.
Mobile sensory unit at Victoria Leeds. Photo provided by the author.

Broadcast Experience

My broadcast experience includes reporting, producing, and presenting, all of which I have done both in the studio and, more recently, remotely, as part of my university course. Presenting is by far my favourite role, especially for TV bulletins.

TV Content

TV Presenting in the studio
TV Presenting remotely
TV Reporting on location
TV Reporting remotely

Radio content

Remote bulletin presenting
Radio reporting
Radio reporting

The Business Bulletin

In April 2020, I was the editor of The Business Bulletin, a one-off radio show about the new economic patterns unfolding under COVID-19, which at the time was an emerging issue. This is the radio work I’m proudest of, because it allowed me to manage a team of six reporters and a presenter to produce a 15-minute human-focused and thoroughly researched bulletin. As editor, I had to make sure our show hit the deadline without difficulty, which was challenging but equally rewarding.

Stories on Medium

I have started publishing on Medium two months ago. This gives me more creative freedom when choosing my topics. My focus topics are books and reading, fitness, self-improvement, and writing.

If you’re also on Medium, you can give me a follow @eliza-lita to see what new pieces I’m publishing. I’m currently aiming to have at least three articles published every week.

5 Reasons Not to Live in London – in Curious
London landscape, with Big Ben, London bridge and Houses of Parliament on a cloudy day. Thames can be seen in foreground.
Photo by Eva Dang on Unsplash
Shameless Confidence Is The Key to Freelancing Success – in Freelancer’s Hub
Woman at her workspace, with a laptop and notebook.
Photo by Brandy Kennedy on Unsplash
Happiness Lies in Fixing Your Sleeping Pattern – in Mind Cafe
Woman sleeping in white bed sheets. Black and white picture.
Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash
Weight Loss is The Worst Fitness Goal – in In Fitness and in Health
Read and orange fruit and flowers on a white background.
Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash
My Grandma Jumped out of a Moving Car at My Age. Why Should I Be Scared About Finding a Job? – in Curious
The author and her grandma hugging.
My grandma and I. Photo provided by the author.
An Editor on The Most Common Mistakes A Writer Should Avoid – in The Brave Writer
A black typewriter and a silver laptop on a table.
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash
5 Useful Practices to Help You Overcome Writer’s Block – in The Brave Writer
Close up of hands typing on laptop keyboard.
Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash
How I Use My Introversion to Be a Better Journalist – in The Ascent
Journalist interviewing a woman dressed in red and blue.
Photo by Jorge Maya on Unsplash
7 Books That Got Me Through 2020’s Lowest Times – in Books Are Our Superpower
Woman in sweater holding an open book in autumn.
Photo by Annie Sprat on Unsplash
What ‘Lady in Waiting’ taught me about British aristocracy – in A Thousand Lives
Old bookshelves with leather-bound books and a ladder in the corner.
Photo by Dmitrij Paskevic on Unsplash

Thank you for reading through my journalism portfolio! If my work strikes your fancy, check out my Work with me page for details on how to contact me for commissions or anything else (podcasts, events, panels, interviews).